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    Oil giant industry includes four professional company mother that is : 1. Oil 2. Gas 3. Petrochemical
    4. Refining and distribution.
    In the industry over 400 companies are working
    The variety and extent of the oil industry in the whole range of countries and agencies engaged in over seas production are including : oil refineries and gas , oil and gas wells , pipelines , pump house , communication stations , power plants , ports , jetties , islands , platforms , airports , tanker marine and land , buildings petrochemical complexes , supply stations and selling oil and gas products , refueling airports , and the accumulation of storage sites , land and offshore drilling and marine , etc ….
    Protection category according to defind locations with a variety of over 1600 need to install and run these systems in the electronic protection .
    Major oil industry needs , including : infrastructure(context) , CCTV , peripheral protection , access control and inspection assistance ( people , automotive , property)
    Hard ware and soft ware requirements for the oil industry electronic protection system must have the highest standards of quality and knowledge in the world these days .
    Managers try to experts on the oil industry is that the maximum possible domestic production of equipment for procurement and implementation of projects used and led to more jobs of dears and prosperity of domestic industries.
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